extracellular fluid that is less than 0.9% salt, (a hypotonic solution) the red blood cells will undergo hemolysis. If red blood cells are exposed to an extracellular fluid that is greater than 0.9% salt, a hypertonic solution, the red blood cells will undergo crenation. Some diseases and/or disorders can cause the fluid

Reference.com explains that crenation in cells occurs because the hypertonic solution deprives the cells of water, and causes the cells to take on a scalloped appearance. According to the Virginia Commonwealth University, certain diseases cause crenulated red blood cells, including hepatitis, uremia,... A 23-year-old woman presented with hematuria. Her blood pressure was normal, and she had no rash, joint pain, or other symptoms. Urinalysis was positive for proteinuria and hematuria, and urinary sediment analysis showed dysmorphic red blood cells (RBCs) and red cell casts, leading to a diagnosis of glomerulonephritis. Jul 22, 2014 · RBC morphology and Disease that may be associated with abnormal morphologies. 1. RED Blood Cells Morphology and disease that may be associated with abnormal MorphologiesFaheem Javed BSc, Microscopist 2. Acknowledgment Assalam-wa-Alekum everyone! I’m a Medical Technologist and I am also a science graduate.