39.94 9/30/2010 12. 43.99 9/30/2010 9 0.75 6.75. 249. 200. 99.99 9/30/2010. 129.99 9/30/2010 9 0.1 0.9. 119.95 9/30/2010 9. 39.99 10/12/2010 9 1.3 11.700000000000001. 125.93 10/11/2010Page 233 Circuit Descriptions, Abbreviation List, and IC Data Sheets FJ3.0E LA EN 233 9.14 IC Data Sheets This section shows the internal block diagrams and pin configurations of ICs that are drawn as "black boxes" in the electrical diagrams (with the exception of "memory" and "logic"... The pace of convergence of population aging in Latin America: opportunities and challenges1

Limit Parameter Symbol Parameter Value Units Vmax Threshold voltage of the terminal IC 5.5V V Imax LX-side current limit 0.8A A TOPR Operating temperature range-40 - +125 °C I guess you would then build a data sheet of corrections required at each range with a specific ammunition. I use PH sights like this with my Lee Enfields but they have a second linear scale on the body (making it a "vernier" sight) and another non-linear scale on the body which is scaled in yards (for specific ammunition).