Jun 08, 2011 · Under lots of circumstances, would you enter the date on a spreadsheet for an entry onto an invoice, a project plan etc and you would do this by entering the current date and time. This, however, is usually done manually by the user and takes way too much time for us wanting to Excel At Excel. We ... Example of unlist function in R : convert data frame to vector. Lets use the default BOD data set to depict example of unlist function in r to convert data frame to vector # Convert data frame to vector with R unlist function a<- unlist(BOD) a The above code takes up BOD data frame and converts all the columns to vector as shown below SELECT CONVERT( integer, 5.2 ) FROM iq_dummy Usage. The result data type of a CONVERT function is a LONG VARCHAR. If you use CONVERT in a SELECT INTO statement, you must have a Large Objects Management option license or use CAST and set CONVERT to the correct data type and size. See “REPLACE function [String]” for more information.

Date Conversion Functions to and from Character Description. Functions to convert between character representations and objects of class "Date" representing calendar dates. ... Useful Microsoft Excel Functions & Formulas Theresa A Scott, MS Department of Biostatistics Vanderbilt University [email protected] This document contains a series of examples that illustrate some useful functions and formulas you can use in Microsoft Excel. It is meant to be an extension of my “Formulas & Functions in Microsoft