Jul 30, 2012 · The UK hacking scandal was a major breach of law and ethics. Yet too extreme a backlash runs the risk of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and any legislative or regulatory changes in the UK could also have consequences for international freedom of the press. Index Discussion Questions The Kevin Mitnick case. This discussion focuses on how much of criminal Kevin Mitnick really is. "Mitnick has been described as more of a computer prankster who used his hacking skills to harass companies and people he didn't like rather than to enrich himself," writes Michael Shapiro. The Lack Of Ethics In Britain’s Phone Hacking Scandal Posted in Ethics In June 2011, the British media reported that News Of The World Newspaper, might have paid British police to obtain private information about certain individuals in the country.

So, the issue finally comes down to the rights of phone users to have secure information on their phones inaccessible by the government and the government’s duties to protect those rights of our citizens. The ethical issue is one of creating "a slippery slope." If the government is granted access in this case, where will it stop? Oct 16, 2015 · People from lower socioeconomic groups may not be able to afford a phone capable of supporting the app or connecting with mobile or Internet networks required to transmit potentially large volumes of data. There is an ethical imperative not to exclude these patients from benefiting from mHealth monitoring.