The 2N2907 is a commonly available PNP bipolar junction transistor used for general purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications. It is designed for low to medium current , low power , medium voltage , and can operate at moderately high speeds. PH2907 PH2907A PH5416 - PMBTA43 PMBTA42 PMBTA55 PMBTA56 PMBTA63 PMBTA64 PMBTA93 PMBTA92 PN2222 PN2222A PN3439 MPSA42 PN3440 MPSA42 PXTA27 BCV49 PXTA43 PXTA42 PXTA64 BCV48 equivalent type PXTA93 PXTA92 PZTA06 BSP43 equivalent type PZTA43 PZTA42 PZTA45 PZTA44 PZTA56 BSP33 equivalent type PZTA64 BSP62 equivalent type DISCONTINUED TYPE REASON FOR ... “Typical” parameters which may be provided in SCILLC data sheets and/or specifications can and do vary in different applications and actual performance may vary over time. All operating parameters, including “Typicals” must be validated for each customer application by customer's technical experts.

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