Oct 15, 2019 · Private equity executives say that as a structure it is no different to any company paying a dividend rather than investing in the business. But portfolio managers who cover this market said the return of these deals has left them uneasy, with one high-yield bond fund manager saying he has been switching out of bonds in recent weeks.

Recapitalization and LBO (Leveraged Buyout) are Riverside’s specialty. We’re the world’s premier source of private equity for companies at the smaller end of the middle market. Altmore Capital is a real estate private equity fund that invests in the consumer and healthcare sectors. The Fund focuses on sale-leasebacks, build-to-suit and build-to-spec deals. The Fund is managed by investment fund professionals who have decades of experience. Ten Cate joins lev loan dividend recap gravy train. Dividend recapitalisation deals, like Ten Cate’s new €125m term loan, launched on Tuesday, are on the rise. The technique, considered aggressive by leveraged loan investors, is nevertheless becoming more common and accepted in the present issuer's market.