Jun 27, 2014 · Hope you enjoy, Everyday Algorithms: Pancake Sort! Pancake Sorting. From wikipedia: Pancake sorting is the colloquial term for the mathematical problem of sorting a disordered stack of pancakes in order of size w hen a spatula can be inserted at any point in the stack and used to flip all pancakes above it. Patient sort: This is the holy grail of sorting algorithm, it always takes the same constant amount of time O(1). sort the list with your method of choice, then wait until the heat death of universe. Manager Sort: ask that a list is only given to you sorted. O(1).

Nov 17, 2016 · 1-Sentence-Summary: Algorithms To Live By explains how computer algorithms work, why their relevancy isn’t limited to the digital world and how you can make better decisions by strategically using the right algorithm at the right time, for example in dating, at home or in the office.